(Yoga Technologist)


Aaron has been practicing [Yoga] meditation and studying and the  science and philosophy for 15 years. He fell upon Tantra during a trip to India in 2010 when in search of the Kriya Yoga that P. Yogananda described in his autobiography. In 2014 Aaron ventured back into northern India to support his interest in the teachings of the Tantric tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. He attended the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga to further his learning of (some of) the 112 meditations of the revered and now popular text; Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.


During his multiple trips in India, Europe and Asia, he has studied/practiced Yoga with - and was inevitably influenced by teachers of various Tantric and Taoist traditions. This is inclusive of Hatha Yoga.


Aaron is additionally a lover, practitioner and teacher of Zhan Zhuang, A powerful form of Chi Kung (Qi Gong) standing meditation (internal martial arts) that cultivates vital energy and strengthens the inner body.


Aaron is a certified Critical Alignment Yoga Therapist, having studied with and been certified by its creator Gert van Leeuwen. CAT is a unique form of ‘movement therapy’, ‘structural de-armouring’ and ‘somatic experiencing’. It is defined by its use of a specially designed prop set coupled with awareness, sensation and movement exercise.


Aaron has been teaching Non-Dual Shaiva Tantra and Taoist Tantra--including Chi Kung and Hatha yoga--privately, publicly and in support of developing Tantric Lifestyle practitioners and yoga teachers for nearly a decade.


He has spent time studying with various great teachers, including Gary Zukav (Seat of the Soul, Spiritual Partnership) and tantra mantra masters Deva Premal and Miten.


Influences (and namedropping) aside - armed with his harmonium, beat box and his undeniable passion and unique teaching methods -Aaron's understanding of the Non-Dual body/mind/heart has earned him respect as a leader and a strong voice in in the ever-evolving landscape of Tantra + Yoga.



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