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The Academy of Tantric Science was founded to support the systematic study and dissemination of the non-dual science and technology of Indian and Taoist Tantra. We use a modernized somatic approach, which places emphasis on the body's innate knowledge.

Our aim is to contribute a clear voice in the continued conversation that seeks to bridge the gap between spirituality and science, the ancient and the modern, and the east and west. With deep respect, we acknowledge the masters who came before, and we strive to weave the timeless wisdom of these mystics with our modern knowledge of the human experience. 

There is a severe misrepresentation and misappropriation of [Y]oga saturating the classes of our well-intentioned yoga teachers, yoga studios and yoga businesses. This is, of course, to be expected with the mass commercialization of yoga. Package it up, make it pretty, and culturally appropriate it into a fitness program. Yoga teacher training programs have become a dime a dozen, fuelled by a culture obsessed with fitness. Yogic techniques, including postures and movement, are generally not being taught with a integrated understanding of the nature of human consciousness--the vital energetic and physical body, the emotions and the mind. This is a great disservice to the science of Yoga and humanity, and we are here to give the support of our voices and do the best we can to represent the technology of Tantra in the safest, most complete, and most authentic way we are able to.  

Our Tantric Yoga courses have been exclusively developed and are taught by our small faculty of  teachers. We utilize the timeless wisdom and transformational techniques of non-dual Tantra, from which Hatha Yoga finds its roots, and Taoist Qi Gong. We utilize a practical and directly powerful body-based somatic approach to guide our clients and students along their personal paths of growth.


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Academy of Tantric Science 

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