How to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Machine

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

Fellow men: I know we’re all eager to learn how to have multiple orgasms. Just think of the increased pleasure, the satisfied partners, and the impressive stories that will come with that new skill!

But there are more important benefits most of us are not aware of. Along with the ability to be multi-orgasmic comes the opportunity to move potent sexual energy throughout the body for supercharged vitality and an expanded sense of self.

We can awaken our most authentic masculinity and be able to support the unfolding of the feminine power (shakti) within both and our partners and ourselves.

Before we arrive at the part about becoming “a multi-orgasmic machine,” it is crucial to understand the current landscape in which our collective sexuality has ceased to function properly.

Male sexuality as we know it:

Our society is experiencing an epidemic of failed relationships—porn addiction, sexual disconnect, and dysfunction of all kinds. Young boys are being sexually conditioned as young as 11 years old by both pornography and a culture deeply saturated in toxic sexual shame. . .

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