Tantra is not all about sex!

Let's get serious for a minute here. . .

Tantra is not all about sex.

I repeat: *Tantra is NOT all about SEX*

(Umm yeah, that's my beautiful man sitting on my lap. We do stuff like that. Let's focus, friend!!)

Back to business. I was having a conversation with that beautiful man, Aaron Patrick, about how to approach our upcoming "introduction" type Tantra workshop and our future Level 1 Foundations course.

I asked him, "Where would you start? How would you teach someone the basics about Tantra?"

He answered, "I would teach them Hatha Yoga."

Well. How many people actually understand what that means? A few years ago, I thought it was simply a less-flowy asana class, moving slowly through postures without doing sun salutations. Ha. I know better now. (More on that in a future post.)

So my question became, "How do we teach Tantra without a base Hatha Yoga practice? How do we fill workshops without the sex stuff? How do we approach individuals who are interested in Tantra, but are expecting romantic eye-gazing and enticing dyads?

We're still working on the answer. But we know that a significant part is to have a continuing relationship with each of our students and clients. Working with the same teachers over time is so much more beneficial to everyone!

One-off workshops can be fun (or not), but *lasting value* comes from repeated practice. Change comes from time and, again, practice. Transformation does not actually happen overnight.

If you're interested in these things--transformation, change, value, integrated learning--give us a shout. We love to get to know our students and help them find the teachings they're looking for.


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