To Those Who Know Us:

Hi there, Tantra friend :) Alissa here.

I have a problem that I can only fix with your help.

When our students and guests tell us how much they loved their experiences in our workshops, ceremonies and teacher trainings, their words light us up and motivate us to keep going.

The verbal and online love we receive is so, so appreciated! (I'm a particularly big fan of hearing others gush over Aaron's teachings.)

But guess what I hear from people about what they thought *before* meeting us in person?

"I thought Aaron was super serious."

"Alissa, you seemed kinda snobby."

"Those ceremonies looked really weird."

"You two were a bit intimidating at first."

The thing is, getting people to sign up for our offerings online is difficult! A picture and a Facebook post isn't enough to convey the actual experience of seeing a person face-to-face. These online personalities don't truly help people feel comfortable putting their trust in us.

This is where you come in.

If you have been to any of our events or teacher trainings, please consider spending a couple minutes of your day to share your honest opinion with the public.

I'll make it super easy by giving you the Google link here.

Facebook reviews can be accessed by going to our page.

If you've taken the time to read this, thank you! If you are considering helping us convince people that we're not snobby weirdos, super thank you!! And I owe you at least one solid hug.

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