3-Day Immersive Tantric Experience

Most of us yearn to realize our relationship's highest potential. We all share the desire for more passionate, playful sex and more deeply-connected relationships with our partners. At the root of this wanting is the desire to be Loved and to Love - to be seen and to witness.

The cosmic couple holds each other's heart with deep reverence, simply because they exist. They honour and observe one another, knowing that nothing is absolute. Their power flows freely and wildly. They are the unshakable Presence that witnesses all. Realizing they are One, they become free.

This 3-day experience has been lovingly curated from a potent blend of classical Tantra, somatic therapies and Neo-Tantric Breath-and-Body-Work. You will receive simple tools to restore your relationship to your Self, to your partner, to nature. When practiced and applied over time, you will re-gain mastery of your energies, unlock your pleasure potential, raise your vibrations and safely explore every emotion and state of being along the way.

This is the deliciousness of the cosmic couple.  

Day 1

Energy Purge + Prime




Unlock Your Energy for Maximum 

Health, Vitality + Pleasure

- Experience Profound Energetic Freedom + Flow

- Tantric Breathwork & Dynamic Meditation

- Somatic Approach for Reclaiming Sensitivity + Safety

- Foundations for Being Multi-Orgasmic

- Kundalini Yoga & Chi Kung

- Separate Women's and Men's Self-Pleasure Groups

Day 2

Masculine Principle

- The Lingam Massage -

Experience a Profound Tantric Ritual for Worship + Reverence of the Masculine Principle

- How to Set Up and Prepare for a Lingam Puja
- How to Invoke the Masculine Principal

- Learn to Give and Receive Lingam Massage

- Integration and After Care
- Mantras, Yantras & Meditations

- Play Explorations for Him 

Day 3

Feminine Principle

- The Yoni Massage -

Experience a Profound Tantric Ritual for Worship + Reverence of the Feminine Principle

- How to Set Up and Prepare for a Yoni Puja
- How to Invoke the Feminine Principal

- Learn to Give and Receive Yoni Massage

- Integration and After Care
- Free Movement  
- Playful Explorations for Her

Your Tantric Guides

- Aaron and Alissa Applebottom -

Aaron and Alissa are Tantric practitioners and teachers experiencing a Cosmic Partnership with one another. They share a family of 6 children, and operate the Academy of Tantric Science together. 

They share a common understanding of the power of relationship as a ground for conscious awakening, breaking through past conditioning, healing toxic shame, and unlocking vital creative power. 

More importantly, they share the common interest of supporting and serving others on this path 

Visit their Tantric Life-Making website to listen in on their podcasts, enjoy their articles and more!

Bonus Gifts Included


All Natural Massage Oil

5 Elements of Touch Play Pack

Tantric Rituals Starter Kit

"The Cosmic Couple" Play Manual

 Exclusive Recordings:  Guided Pleasure Meditations, Somatic Exercises, and

Couple's Exercises 

What To Expect

- Commonly Asked Questions -

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a system. It is a science. It is a technology. It is not philosophy. It is not religion. It is a way of tuning into nature and experiencing ourselves and the interconnectedness of all beings and forms. Tantra is not sex, but only enhances our sexuality as we are masters of our energies and Realize true Presence. Tantra is not pleasure. Tantra is not Orgasm. Tantra is Being Orgasmic. 


Will I have to be naked?

The short answer is NO! You are never required to do anything you are not comfortable with. All of the sessions DO have clothing optional components to them, so while other participants may be nude, you are always welcome to remained clothed.


Is there sex involved at the workshop?

No, there isn't any penetrative sex taking place at the workshop. 

Do I need a partner to attend?

Yes, everyone needs a partner to attend this particular immersion.

Will I have to touch other workshop participants?

NO! There are will be no exercises requiring you to practice with anyone other than your partner.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes, we are! You are welcome to attend with any partner of your choosing. While we do speak of the masculine and feminine polarity for the sake of play, it is important to understand that we are only talking about principals or archetypes and not gender-specific roles, body types or sexual orientations.


What is your training?

We have received over 1500 hours of training and over 15 years experience teaching Tantra + Yoga to individuals, couples and groups and training new teachers. We love to share these teachings with couples and we bring what we teach to everyday life.


Are you trauma sensitive?

Yes, we have also received trauma sensitivity training.


per couple

May 1 - 3

@ Yoga Sarana Calgary

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