Making Life Conscious

Your relationship can be a powerful catalyst for joy, pleasure and spiritual realization--and it can also be the most challenging part of your life.

So many of us don't feel safe, loved, supported, or alive in our relationships.

We know how difficult and confusing it can be to return to a place of connection and pleasure. 

Let us show you how Tantric and somatic practices can restore your relationship and transform your life.


Modern Somatic &

Ancient Tantric Therapies

To free yourself from your past, and create the relationship you desire, you must first become still and aware.

You'll be led through powerful practices, proven by time and science to restore your health and the flow of your sexual energy.

Individual & Relationship Restoration

Every session begins by building your self awareness, then learning how to apply that knowledge to your relationship.

You'll receive new tools for communication, including a customized plan for sexual difficulties or desired explorations.

Sexual Somatic Bodywork & Re-Patterning

We DO NOT give hands-on bodywork and there is no nudity required during our sessions!

Instead, you'll be taught how to explore touch safely and consciously with your own body and your partner's.

Our work is trauma aware and we go at your pace.




"My partner and I were looking to connect on a deeper level. We didn’t feel we had all the tools required to connect at this level. Aaron and Alissa services provided us more access to our bodies and the flow of our energy as well as greater awareness for ourselves and each other. Now the connection we share is a love so deep that others notice and share in the beauty of it. We definitely recommend you book a session with Aaron and Alissa"


"I always leave feeling like I'm vibrating on another level. Aaron has a way of describing why and how to use these practices that appeals to my scientific, skeptical mind. He makes the esoteric knowledge he has gained understandable and relatable. I would recommend Aaron and Alissa to anyone who feels they are ready to expand their knowledge of themselves and their relationships with the world around them."



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One Session


  • 2 hour session
  • Receive a customized practice
  • High quality Zoom or Covid-19 friendly in-person session

Solid 6 Pack


Most Popular

  • 6 Sessions for the price of 5
  • Six 2-hour sessions
  • Includes a custom plan to restore your relationship
  • Each partner gets their own one-on-one time with Aaron or Alissa
  • Weekly exercises curated for solo and relationship practice
  • High quality Zoom or Covid-19 friendly in-person sessions

Super Deep Dive 10


  • Ten sessions for the price of eight
  • Ultimate transformation
  • Weekly exercises curated for solo and relationship practice
  • High quality Zoom or Covid-19 friendly in-person sessions



Dayna M.

"The space Alissa and Aaron created and held for us was beautiful, safe, and welcoming. The practices they shared with us are priceless. . ."

Kristine B.

"I was feeling a bit tired before the session, but I felt so nourished and present afterwards. The altar you set up was so beautiful. It definitely felt sacred."

Sam M. 

"The work I've done with Aaron and Alissa has completely transformed my relationship to myself and my mind, body and heart."