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We all share the desire for more passionate sex and more deeply-connected relationships with our partners.  At the root of this wanting is the desire to be Loved and to Love - to be seen and to be accepted. 


It is not until each individual awakens to the innate joy of their own Being-ness that the full potential of relationship and the vital sexual energy can be realized, expressed and experienced. Our partnerships and our sexual experiences then become a powerful ground from which our deepest core wounds can be explored and healed.  


Our retreats, workshops and private sessions offer you a Tantric way of experiencing the Self and worshipping the Beloved. 


Tantra is a a system. It is a science. It is not philosophy. It is a way of tuning into and experiencing ourselves and the interconnectedness of all beings and forms.


Tantra enhances our sexuality by awakening us to the full potential of our masculine and feminine energies. In order to experience the bliss and unity that sacred sex promises us, we must first prepare our space, our bodies, our minds and our hearts for realization of the Self. Through rituals, worship and other ancient and modern Tantric techniques, we invoke the sacred energies of the Cosmic Consciousness, calling forth and worshipping the innate God and Goddess energies that saturate every particle of our Beings.


In working with us, you will be guided through a new way of living your relationships so they become an ever-evolving ground from which to access the depths of your heart.  You will discover a new way of experiencing and honoring your body and the bodies of others, so that your sexual experiences become the sacred energetic unifying bliss-outs they were meant to be.

“The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss”. Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings. And through the other – our partner – we fall in love with life. “ 

~Margot Anand


reconnect with the intrinsic wisdom and beauty of your body, loving and honoring it just as it is now

heal deeply-rooted sexual shame, allowing yourself to be completely consumed by pleasure

reveal the full potential of your Goddess energy through

ritual, worship and sacred tantric practices

learn to guide yourself and your partners into the deepest

realms of your feminine sexuality, empowering both you and your Beloved


reclaim your masculinity by breaking through old conditioning and healing the toxic shame that binds you in separateness

realize the full potential of your masculine and feminine energies through ritual, worship and sacred techniques

learn to ride of the waves of vital sexual energy toward full-bodied, boundary-dissolving orgasms while withholding ejaculation until the moment is right

become the Love-affirming partner that your Beloved deserves by learning to worship her as the Goddess she is


unlock the potent spiritual potential of your relationships, 

coming together with the common intention of Self Realization

learn to worship, through ritual, your beloved as the the God or Goddess that lives within as their highest Self

experience the unity and bliss of full-bodied orgasms

deepen your understanding of both the innate masculine and feminine energies that exist within all of us


Aaron and Alissa are Tantric practitioners and teachers experiencing a Conscious Partnership with one another. They share a family of 6 children, and operate the Academy of Tantric Science together.  A very busy life indeed!  

They share a common understanding of the power of relationship as a ground for conscious awakening and in breaking through the walls of past conditioning, healing toxic shame, unlocking our vital sexual God and Goddess energies. 

Perhaps more importantly, they share the common interest of supporting others in the same. 

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March 2020


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