3 Weekends of study 
March 21/22 - April 18/19 -May 16/17 
Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday 12-8pm

$625 + tax

Mantras, Yantras, Mudras & Pujas

Yogis in the west are becoming more and more interested in the complete science of Yoga, which simply doesn't exist without these concepts. We've moved past the shiny new-ness of fitness "yoga" classes and now we're ready to explore everything beyond the postures.

The revelation that our passion--Yoga!--has been whitewashed to the point of being insulting to the cultures it came from feels reprehensible. There's a reason why our culture is beginning to decorate with yantras and learn more about sacred sounds.

As instructors, we know there is something missing from our teachings. As practitioners, we feel called to deepen our whole practices (instead of just our forward bends).

But where do we start?


Pretty rainbow pictures of the chakras are fun, but there's so much more to it than colours and names. How do we actually become aware of the subtle energy body?


Holding Anjali Mudra for a few seconds at the end of class feel good, but do most students even know they are using a mudra? Are they aware of the power they literally hold in their hands?

Mantras, Yantras, Mudras and Pujas are each a part of our regular practice at The Academy of Tantric Science. Our head teacher, Aaron Patrick, has been incorporating these concepts into his daily life and teachings for years. In this module he will guide you to realizing your abilities to confidently experiment with, practice, and teach others the techniques and ideas.

While attending The Chakras and for the year following, you will have personal support from Aaron and receive free tickets to all public Tantric ceremonies hosted by the Academy of Tantric Science. Whether you are attending as a teacher or for your personal practice, your knowledge will grow with these repeated opportunities.


-Yoga instructors

-Yoga students or practitioners 

-Teachers of Tantra-related practices

-Energy workers

-People who feel attracted to expanding their knowledge of these concepts

-Anyone interested in learning more about their own energetic qualities


- Sanskrit Alphabet and Bija Mantras

- Mantras to support healing and life challenges

- Use of mantras (sacred sound) and yantras (sacred diagram) in Tantric ritual and worship (Puja)

- Anatomy of the elemental and subtle energy body, including the Chakras and major channels of energy

- Mudras (hand gestures/psychic seals) for cultivation of energy, balancing of the elements and application for treating common ailments.

- How to create you own Tantric ceremony with Sri Yantra and her mantras

- Techniques to ground, store and re-direct energy

- Safety, precautions and side effects of energy cultivation

- Trauma sensitive training

**Bonus: Students of The Chakras are invited and encouraged to attend all monthly Pujas hosted by AOTS at no charge. This begins at time of registration and continues until December 31, 2020.

**Location depends on final numbers of registrants. Please call or email us for more information.

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